Become a BETTER Prevention Practitioner Trainer™

The Train-the-Trainer program offers graduates of the BETTER Prevention Practitioner™ workshop with an opportunity for further professional development while taking their BETTER training to the next level.

The purpose of the curriculum is to provide BETTER Prevention Practitioners™ with the skills needed to successfully facilitate a BETTER Prevention Practitioner™ workshop, which is aimed at enhancing healthcare professionals’ skills in prevention and screening of cancer and chronic disease, including their common lifestyle risk factors. During the course, Train-the-Trainer trainees will participate in hands-on learning, gain in-depth knowledge of the BETTER program, learn how to lead discussions with participants from diverse primary care settings, have opportunities to learn from peers and practice their facilitation skills.

Each session accommodates 4 trainees. Trainees must successfully complete all program components in order to become a BETTER Prevention Practitioner Trainer™.

Criteria for Train-the-Trainer

1. Link to primary care

Train-the-Trainer trainees must be actively practicing within a primary care setting or be linked with primary care in Canada.

2. Experience with the BETTER Program

Each of the following is mandatory and will be assessed at the time of application to the Train-the-Trainer program.
a) Completion of BETTER Prevention Practitioner™ training and receipt of a certificate of completion within the last 3 years.
b) Leading a minimum of 3 prevention visits with patients in the 6 months before your Train-the-Trainer session.
c) Showing a high level of understanding of the “classic” BETTER Program* and interest in providing BETTER Prevention Practitioner training sessions.
d) Experience with the BETTER Tool Kit – including the Care Map and BETTER Health Survey

*The “classic” BETTER program is defined as having a member of the team, a Prevention Practitioner, who meets with patients one-on-one to provide them with an opportunity to focus on prevention. Using the BETTER Tool Kit, the Prevention Practitioner assesses the patient’s current chronic disease status and risk, and through shared decision-making and S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound) goal setting, helps empower patients to make goals for their health.

3. Time to complete the Train-the-trainer program (Approximately 32 hours over 12 weeks)

The Train-the-Trainer program is comprised of 4 Steps, with a 5th step becoming available as part of the Train-the-Trainer Community of Practice. Steps 1-4 must be completed in order to be certified as a BETTER Prevention Practitioner Trainer™.
Step 1: Application process. Estimated time required is 3 hours.
Step 2: Self-paced pre-work to be completed at least 2 weeks before the Train-the-trainer group session (Step 3). Estimated time required is 10 hours.
Step 3: Two-day virtual group session. Estimated time required is 14 hours.
Step 4: Self-paced post-work and Trainer certification. Estimated time required is 5 hours.

Upcoming Training Dates

Training is provided online and in English, unless otherwise indicated.

June 2021

June Application deadline: May 14 Group session: June 23 & 24, 2021 Date

Application deadline: May 14 Group session: June 23 & 24

9 am – 4 pm MT (all days)

Virtual group session (2 days) – check your time zone


July 2021

July Application deadline: May 20 Group session: July 7 & 8, 2021 Date

Application deadline: May 20 Group session: July 7 & 8

9 am – 4 pm ET (all days)

Virtual group session (2 days) – check your time zone


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